www.Arabic-Studio.com aims to provide a complete online syllabus for anyone who wants to learn Arabic.

Site Director

Saqib Hussain

After graduating with a Physics degree from Oxford University, Saqib spent three years in Damascus, where he obtained a Diploma in Arabic and the Islamic sciences from Abi Nour seminary.

During this period, he also memorised the entire Qur’an, and studied a number of basic texts in various Islamic sciences with prominent teachers in Damascus.

Contributors and Advisors

Mohammed Imran

After studying Arabic and Persian at Oxford University, Mohammed spent considerable time in the Middle East travelling and studying. From February 2007 through to July 2009 Mohammed was the Chief Executive Officer of the Muslim Youth Helpline and led the Support and Advocacy departments that provide support services to young vulnerable British Muslims and capacity building programmes and campaigns to help raise awareness of the social conditions of young Muslims living in Britain. The Muslim Youth Helpline is an innovative youth-led initiative that works on issues relating to the social exclusion experienced by young Muslims from both within and outside of their communities.