قال أبو عبد الله : وبين النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أن فرض الوضوء مرة مرة ، وتوضأ أيضا مرتين وثلاثا ، ولم يزد على ثلاث Abu Abdullah said, “The Prophet, God bless him and grant him peace, made clear that the obligation in wudu is (to wash one’s limbs) once each, and he also performed wudu (by washing his limbs) twice each, and thrice each, and did not go beyond three.” – al-Bukhari

ليست إيران حليفا عسكريا مهما لحزب الله الشيعي فحسب، وإنما هي ظهير مالي أيضا Iran is not just an important military ally for Hezbollah, it is also a financial backer – BBC News, Arabic

Did you know…

The verb آض means to return, and is synonymous with رَجَع . The phrase فَعَلْتُه أَيْضًا can therefore mean I did it a second time, as well as the more common meaning I also did it .