beautiful = جَمِيْل

جَمِيْل (jameel) means beautiful, when referring to someone’s physical appearance or their character. It can also mean melted fat, as the root verb from which it is derived is جَمَل (jamala) (imperfect: يَجْمُل , verbal noun: جَمْل ), meaning to melt fat. It has been suggested that the two words are from the same root letters because when someone is beautiful, it is as if all the parts of his or her body have been filled with the appropriate amount of fat (the excess having melted away). The feminine is both جَمِيْلَة and جَمْلاء , which is an unusual feminine, usually reserved for the feminine of the comparative أَجْمَل more beautiful. جَمِيْل is said by most to be synonymous with حَسَن , although some made the distinction that the former applies to a person with a beautiful nose, and the latter to a person with beautiful eyes. Interestingly, Urdu has an Arabic sounding word for beautiful, namely حَسِين , which is clearly taken from the same root as حَسَن , and is of the same well known adjective form as جَمِيْل , but which does not actually exist in Arabic! This is not the only instance of an Arabic-like word in Urdu which does not exist in Arabic; for example, the two broken plurals of طَالِب student in Arabic are طَلَبَة and طُلَّاب , but not طُلَبَاء , even though the latter is based on a well-known Arabic broken plural form. In Urdu however, it is this latter which is used!