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Lane’s Lexicon (E. Lane: Arabic-English Lexicon)

laneCommonly known as Lane’s Lexicon, this is the most meticulous and thorough Arabic-English dictionary ever produced. Because of its clarity and logical structure, it is even used extensively by serious modern Arab linguists.

The English scholar Edward Lane spent decades collating, translating and summarising material from […]

J. G. Hava: Arabic-English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

havaUnlike the more popular Hans Wehr, Hava is a classical Arabic dictionary. Although it does have occasional mistakes, it generally sticks to and gives the correct classical meaning and usage of Arabic words. Where non-classical words are included, they are clearly […]

Hans Wehr: A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic

hansHans Wehr is undoubtedly the best know Arabic-English dictionary.

Now in its fourth edition, this is a comprehensive dictionary of modern Arabic, up to date and very well laid out. Any student, whatever his or her level, will find it sufficient if […]