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A. S. Tritton: Teach Yourself Arabic

teach_yourself_arabicThis Teach Yourself Arabic book was first published in 1943 by English Universities Press, and should not be confused with the modern Teach Yourself series.

As with Thatcher’s Arabic Grammar, this book was written for an audience better versed in English grammatical […]

W. Fischer: A Grammar of Classical Arabic

fischerFischer’s A Grammar of Classical Arabic is a reference work which may, in some respects, be considered a modernised Wright’s Grammar.

Fischer uses modern grammatical terminology, and the examples he uses are also more “practical” or day-to-day, as opposed to the emphasis […]

G. W. Thatcher: Arabic Grammar of the Written Language

G W Thatcher Arabic Grammar of the Written LanguageThatcher’s Arabic Grammar has largely been made redundant by the improvements and additions made to it by Haywood and Nahmad.

Thatcher may still be of some use to anyone who wants additional translation practice, particularly if you are keen […]

Wright’s Grammar

Wrights GrammarW. Wright’s A Grammar of the Arabic Language, commonly known simply as Wright’s Arabic Grammar or Wright’s Grammar, has been the most advanced reference work of Arabic grammar generally available in English since its publication in the mid 19th century.

This work gives English-speaking students of […]

Haywood and Nahmad: A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language

Haywood and Nahmad A New Arabic Grammar of the Written LanguageHaywood and Nahmad’s Arabic grammar textbook is an absolute must for anyone who accepts the proposition that the best way to learn or teach Arabic to an English-speaking student is through an Arabic textbook presented in […]