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Language Learner Friday

Perfect and Imperfect Vowels – Language Learner Friday

There are six patterns of the simple Arabic verb – here’s how to avoid getting them mixed up!


Hello and welcome to another ‘Language Learner Friday. We are going to be looking at a mnemonic technique that I use to memorise the voweling in Arabic verbs. So, here we […]

Learning Vocabulary: The Hard Way, or the Anki Way – Language Learner Friday

Organizing and regularly going over a large amount of vocabulary when learning a foreign language can be intensely time consuming, and intensely boring. Anki is a really neat program, that helps you spread out your learning, and focus on stuff that you keep getting wrong.

Hello […]

Ayyuha al-Walad 1

The first in (insha’Allah!) a series of podcasts covering the text of Imam Ghazali’s Ayyuha al-Walad (O Youth!), which he wrote as advice to a young student of his.