international = (duwali) دُوَلِيّ

Associated noun: دَولة


قَالَ مُنَظّمُو مُؤْتَمَرٍ دُوَلِيّ يُرَوّجُ لِلنّشَاطِ فِي مَرْحَلَةِ الشّيْخُوخَةِ إِنّ الْمُسِنّيْنَ فِي السّبْعِينِيّاتِ مِنَ الْعُمَرِ يَجِبُ أَنْ يَتَشَجّعُوا على مُمارَسَةِ الرّيَاضَة Organizers of an international conference promoting activity in the aging say that older people in the seventies should be encouraged to exercise – BBC News, Arabic

Did you know…

There is a difference of opinion amongst modern Arabic linguists as to whether دُوَلِي should be allowed. The issue arises as it is derived from the plural noun دُوَل , meaning countries, and many classical Arabic grammarians did not allow relative nouns to be derived from plurals. On that basis, it should be دَوْلِي , from the singular دَوْلَة . However, this is needed as the relative noun meaning of or belonging to a state, i.e. national. To avoid the confusion, many modern authorities allow دُوَلِي , and certainly it has become commonly used in modern Arabic.