outstanding = بَارِع

بَرُع (baru’a) (imperfect يَبْرُع , verbal noun بَرَاعَة ) means to excel in some quality (e.g. in knowledge or bravery). The active participle بَارِع (baari’)therefore means excelling, outstanding etc., e.g. هُوَ بَارِعٌ فِي عِلْمِ النَّحْو he is outstanding in the science of grammar. The related verb بَرَع (bara’a), which has a fathah over the middle radical rather than a dammah, is used transitively, e.g. بَرَعَتْ زَيْدًا فِي الشَّجَاعَة she outdid, excelled Zayd in bravery.