region, territory, zone = (mintaqah) مِنْطَقَةٌ

Plural مَنَاطِقُ
Associated verb: to gird o.s., put on a belt تَنَطّقَ


السُّودانُ يَقْبَلُ إِقامَةَ مِنْطَقَةٍ مَنْزُوْعَةِ السّلاحِ Sudan accepts the establishment of a demilitarized zone – Al-Jazeera

أَزْمَةُ الدّيُونِ فِي مِنْطَقَةِ الْيُورُو تَتَصَدّرُ أَوْلَوِيّاتِ قِمَةِ مَجْمُوعَةِ الثّمَانِيْ The debt crisis in the Euro zone tops the priorities of the G8 summit – BBC News, Arabic

Did you know…

مِنْطَقَةٌ with the meaning of area or region is a modern Arabic usage. Classically, it meant belt or girdle. It seems that it gained this meaning when it started to be used in the phrase اَلْمِنْطَقَة الاسْتِوائِيّة Equatorial region, which seemed appropriate as the Equator circles the Earth the way a belt circles a man’s waist. Thence it took on the broader meaning of area or region.