subject = (mawdu’) مَوْضُوْع

Plural: مَوَاضِيْع
Associated verb: to put, place s. وَضَعَ (يَضَعُ) ه – وَضْعًا


فِيفَا يَبْحَثُ قَرِيْبًا مَوْضُوعَ السّمَاحِ بِإِجْرَاءِ الْمُبارَياتِ الدّوْلِيّةِ فِي الْعِرَاقFIFA will soon look into the subject of allowing international matches in Iraq – BBC Sport, Arabic

Did you know…

مَوضُوْع is the passive participle from the verb وَضَع to place, so literally it means (the thing) placed, and has come to have a number of derivative meanings. In philosophy, for example, it means substance, in contrast to مَحْمُوْل accident.