Watch the video below for a really useful Arabic vocabulary memorisation tip!

1 – Download the Studydroid app here.
2 – Download the Sketch n Draw app here.
3 – Create a┬ávocab pack in Studydroid for the book you’re reading (you can see from the video I have one for al-Ayyam by Taha Hussain), or a general one for nouns, one for verbs etc.
4 – When you come across a new word, write it out in Sketch n Draw and save it (tip: use the Ribbon pen, Size 10 for best results)
5 – Open the vocab pack you want to add the new word two, and select Add New Card. Put the English on the Front, and a full-stop on the Back.
6 – Go to your new card, flip it so that the full-stop is showing, and select Add image.
7 – Find the saved image in your gallery, and select it – it will replace the full stop.
8 – Revise vocab cards regularly!