to produce a result = أَنْتَجَ

In Classical Arabic, the primary meaning of نَتَجَ (imperfect: يَنْتُجُ ) was as in the phrase, نَتَخَ النَّاقَةَ وَلدًا he assisted the she-camel in giving birth. Note that the subject here is the person doing the assisting. Hence, it was used by Ibn Muqaffa’ in Kalīlah wa Dimnah in the phrase نَتَجَتْ لَهُ هِمَّتُهُ , meaning his aspirations bore fruit, where the aspirations are the subject, as if they were helping him achieve what he wanted, just as the herdsman helps the she-camel give birth. The fourth form of this verb is أَنْتَجَ to produce a result, or to result in, as in أَنْتَجَتْ هذِهِ السِّيَاسَةُ الْفَقْرَ this policy resulted in poverty.