Plural حُرُوب


كُلّمَا أَوْقَدُوا نَارًا لّلْحَرْبِ أَطْفَأَهَا اللّهُ Every time they kindle the fire of war, God doth extinguish it – Quran: 5:64

عن أبي سفيان بن حرب أن هرقل قال له : سألتك كيف كان قتالكم إياه ؟ ، فزعمت أن الحرب سجال ودول ، فكذلك الرسل تبتلى ثم تكون لهم العاقبة On the authority of Sufyan b. Harb that Heraclius said to him: “I asked you, ‘How is your fight against him?’ And you claimed, ‘The war (between us) is (won by) turns.’ Thus are the Messengers tested, but the end is for them” – Bukhari

مشروع قانون أمريكي يضع نهاية رسمية لحرب العراق U.S. bill puts a formal end to Iraq war – BBC News, Arabic

Did you know…

Although حَرْب is feminine, because it is synonymous with قِتال fighting, which latter is masucline, we can elect to treat حَرْب as a masculine noun too.