Harm = ضُرٌّ

ضُرٌّ in Arabic means harm. As a substantive noun, it is synonymous with ضَرٌّ and ضَرَرٌ , though some claimed that ضُرٌّ is properly only used for harm which afflicts the body. However, when it is contrasted with its opposite نَفْعٌ benefit, we would have to use ضَرٌّ , e.g. الضَّرُّ وَالنَّفْعُ بِيَدِ الله harm and benefit are in God’s hands. It cannot however be used as a verbal noun (i.e. with the meaning of harming), or as a verbal noun adverb – again we would have to use ضَرٌّ , e.g. ضَرَرْنَاهُمْ ضَرًّا we (really) harmed them. Interestingly, the word for a fellow wife (i.e. a woman’s husband’s second wife) is ضَرَّةٌ !